Don’t Let Financial Stress Sabotage Your Bottom Line

The burden of a personal finance crisis is often something your employees will keep to themselves. By offering your workforce a confidential, personalized plan for breaking the cycle of financial stress, you can prevent countless employee crises before it’s too late. 

1 Million

The number of workplace absences caused by stress every year


The percentage of Americans who cite finances as their main source of stress

Personalized Plans for Less Stress and More Employee Innovation With Julep Enterprise Solutions

Julep offers your organization a cost-effective solution for addressing employee financial wellness. Our approach provides people with the comprehensive tools, knowledge, and resources they need to be financially healthy and our app provides personalized financial insights and education. Anyone can take control of their money by learning to make informed decisions about their finances. 

Employee Financial Wellness Boosts Workplace Satisfaction

Financial wellness is a critical part of employee success. But unfortunately, many companies often fall short in meeting the unique needs of every individual team member. With Julep, you can empower every team member with individualized financial wellness education.

Support financial goals of any kind, at any income level

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Reduce the financial stress of your workforce

Provide tailored solutions to help employees achieve goals

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A helpful addition to your employee benefits package

Financial Wellness
For The Whole Team With Julep Enterprise Solutions

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