Give your employees a path to financial wellness

Stay competitive in the evolving marketplace. Help your employees improve financial literacy and wellness through a simple, customized, and fun mobile application – Julep!

Chat with a representative today to learn how Julep can help your credit union attract more tech-savvy customers and help your existing members achieve their financial wellness goals.

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Employee financial wellness boosts workplace satisfaction

Help your employees achieve their financial goals with Julep

Financial wellness is a critical part of employee success. But unfortunately, many companies often fall short in meeting the unique needs of every individual team member. With Julep, you can empower every team member with personalized financial wellness education.

Reduce stress and encourage
employee innovation

Julep gives people the comprehensive tools, knowledge, and resources they need to be financially healthy. Anyone can take control of their money by learning to make informed decisions about their finances. The Julep Recipe can help you:

Reduce the financial stress of your workforce with a cost-effective solution for employee financial wellness

Support financial goals of any kind, at any income level with an approach that considers individual challenges

Provide tailored solutions to help employees achieve their goals by adding Julep to your employee benefits package